About us

UAB Vingės Transsphere Logistika (VTL) is a logistics company  established in 2005. VTL belongs to the VINGES LOGISTICS GROUP company consortium operating in the market for over thirteen years. The company’s activities have been targeted to a long-term development and growth in the field of logistics.

Services provided in the logistics complex of UAB Vingës Transsphere Logistika ensure the optimum inter-coordination of all links of the logistics chain, offering the cost saving logistics solutions for customers, including cargo storage, loading, sorting, set arrangement, marking, excise labeling, customs brokerage and other related services.

The complex is strategically located to ensure perfect communication routes between the major Lithuanian cities. This logistics centre is located side by side with the highway Vilnius–Kaunas (A1) at a distance of 22 km and 75 km from Vilnius and Kaunas respectively.

It is the main transport artery from the West and to the West.
Customs unit in the territory of the centre is a time-saving solution for the tenants of warehousing premises and ensures continuous and fluent cargo deliveries.

By the end of 2008, after completion of the southern and western circular routes around Vilnius, the main roads A1 and A3 are directly connected, thus eliminating obstacles when crossing the city.




The warehouses meet the strictest requirements applicable to class A warehousing premises at the European Union and international level.The complex has been equipped with high-tech accounting, storage, HVAC, telecommunication and fire prevention systems.

The tenants (service recipients) may model their warehousing and office area according to their needs.

Fenced and illuminated territory is 24 hours secured to keep the property absolutely safe.

Warehousing area

  • Area – 16 755 sq. m.
  • Height – 9.5 m.
  • Inner column network – 11×21.5 m.
  • Spot load of the floor – 6 t/sq. dm.
  • Illumination – 250 lx.
  • Number of ramps – 30, and one for substandard goods
  • HVAC system.
  • Fire protection system with smoke and heat sensors and fire sprinklers.
  • Telecommunications services.

Office area

  • Area – 1 375 sq. m.
  • Completed finishing.
  • Autonomous heating and conditioning adjustment.
  • Telecommunication services.
  • Illumination – 400 lx.
  • Fire protection system with smoke and heat sensors and fire sprinklers.
  • Access control system.


  • Fenced and 24 h secured.
  • Monitoring cameras.
  • Parking lot for trucks and vehicles.
  • Audio system for drivers’ information.