Marking and stickering of goods

Vingė’s transsphere logistics terminal is developing its marking of goods service extremely fast! In our warehouse in Vilnius – logistikos g. 2, Trakai distr. we provide marking with stickers or labels for various goods (food supplements, clothing and footwear, industrial, building materials, etc.) At our logistics terminal, we have the ability to process extremely large volumes of goods quickly. We have a well-trained team of 6 brigades, who do their job rapidly and responsibly. We have experience with both simple stickering  tasks and complicated  where you need to label large quantities of different goods and their positions at the same time. We provide not only labeling, but also detailed acceptance of production, sorting and controlling of whole process.

Many goods are subject to stringent labeling requirements in both Lithuania and neighboring countries (description of goods, their composition, shelf life, etc. in local language, EAC stickers certifying compliance with Customs Union safety requirements, etc.). We often notice that the manufacturers of goods do not pay enough attention to production stickering, incorrect labeling can be an obstacle to the cross-border movement of goods or cargo – but we can help you avoid it quickly and efficiently! Once you have given us your expectations regarding  marking of goods, we will offer you the best and most convenient solution to you. We also take care of the production of labels (stickers) and gluing. All costs, specific requirements, etc. will be fully coordinated with you.

Contact us about your goods marking service options: or phone +37052840000 or +37061130701.

    Name your needs and we will provide you with the best solution! We will contact you within 1 business day. If you need faster - call the indicated contacts.